Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine S111

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1.Table top
2.Air cooling
3.Big hopper
4.Singel Viewable flavor
5.Air pump feed
6.Standby function
7.Intelligent fault detection
8.High overrun
9.Pasturization function
10.Profession frozen dessert equipment

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Model S111
Brand Name PASMO
Capacity 50L/H
Cylinder 2.5L
Hopper 25L
Power 2.2KW
Dimension(L*W-H) 676*510*817MM
Weight 160KG
Applicable Industries Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Restaurant, Retail, Food Shop, Food & Beverage : Shops. Wholesaler
After warranty Service Video technical support. Online support. Spare parts Provided
Video outgoing-inspection Provided
Machinery Test Report Provided
Warranty 1 year
Certification CE CB
Advantage Easy Operation High Efficiency
Keywords  Soft ice cream machine; Infrared sensor;pasturization
Flavor One flavor
Package Plywood carton

Product Discribtion

A single flavor, air pump feed, countertop soft serve equipment . Capable
of producing a variety of Soft Serve products including: Soft Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Custards, and Sorbets.  A digital control system
makes for an excellent, easy to use system which maintains excellent
product consistency, hopper temperature, and control.  A refrigerated hopper and standby feature keeps product fresh and is approved for dairy or non-dairy products.
-Quickest freezing, about 5-6 mins for first batch
-Ultrahigh production, continuously discharging even during peak time, no more waiting from now on
-Extra high overrun, adjustable overrun, with a maximum up to 75%
-Pasteurization, no need for cleaning for 14 days, keep the mixture fresh all the time
-Personalized customization, the panel can be customized with your design and logo
-Silence,world lowest noise about 55DB, the best choice for high-end place
-Frequency conversion tech, ensure smooth work
-France seamless welding technology for both hopper and cylinder, avoid leaking of ice cream mix and bacteria grow

-Keywords :Self Serve Ice Cream Maker,Countertop Soft Serve Machine,Countertop Soft Serve Machine,


Product Function Discribtion


Introduction of S111 Control Panel

A: STOP Press STOP for 5 seconds can stop any function.

B: STRAT Press STRAT ,REFRIGERATION Start to make ice cream.

C: WASH Press WASH ,Beater in cylinder starts tpwork when press WASH, only for clean machine, will not refrigerate.

D: Fire Press WASH , means start to PASTEURIZATION/HEATING function
Short press: starts heating function, which will stop when temperature reach to 20 Celsius.
Long press: start pasteurization function.

E: RESET Press WASH ,Means start to STANDBY also means PRE-COOLING
Pre-cooling function can keep fresh of the ice cream mix. It can keep 1-5 Celsius if start this function.
There are two heights of sensors in hopper:middle height sensor and low height sensor.
If MIX LOW LED flash, it means mix in hopper lower than middle sensor.
If MIX LOW LED light and whole screen flash, it means mix in hopper lower than low sensor. Screen read “add mix or mix low” alarm.


Introduction of S111 Heating and Pasteurization Function

Heating function: Heat the cylinder from frozen to 20 Celsius temperature .
Solve the frozen cylinde problem in short time , save more customers

Pasteurization function: Controlled heat treatment, discovered by French scientist, Louis Pasteur in 1864, it is used to remove disease-carrying microbes from foods without damaging their vitamins and proteins; in other words,sterilising them while preserving their nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

Low Pasteurization(65Celsius )
It is a gentler cycle, to respect the oragnoleptic qualities of the in gredients

Intermediate Pasteurization
Where it is possible to select all of the Pasteurization temperatures from 65 top 95 Celsius


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Frozen Desserts Equipment Purchasing Considerations
Starting out your own café or any frozen dessert/ beverage related business? As the heat continues to rise, so does the popularity of ice cream/ soft serve cafés and shops.
Purchasing consideration by machine type. 
Soft-Serve Machines: Soft-serve equipment can produce more than ice cream and frozen yogurt. Operators can use it to create unique, signature items.
The volume, demand and capacity will help determine the type and size unit that is best. Product mix will also dictate the machine type that best suits a food service operator. If staff hand-blend milkshakes from a soft-serve machine, a larger freezing cylinder will be necessary due to the average serving size of a ice cream. If cones are the only ice cream on the menu, a smaller barrel size is better. Operations offering both milkshakes and cones will need a middle-size freezing cylinder or special combination machine that can handle both products.
Some units are viscosity controlled, while others use temperature controls. Operators serving a variety of frozen treats should consider a viscosity-controlled unit, which provides the flexibility to serve different products without technical adjustments to the equipment.
In many parts of North America, operating water-cooled equipment without a costly water recirculation system is prohibited. If this is the case, or if water usage costs are high, an air-cooled unit is an option.
Ice Cream and Gelato Equipment: Space and volume are major factors since these units are designed for operations selling large amounts of ice cream and/or gelato.
Because this equipment has larger compressors to break down temperatures more quickly, more power is typically required to operate these freezers.
Like all refrigeration and freezers, clearance on the sides and/or top may be needed to ensure proper air circulation.
Our List of Cold Equipment:
Soft ice cream machine / gelato machine / milkshake machine /slush machine / Cream machine and big ice cream model lamp.
Find out more about our full range by contacting our sales team today!

Best Regards,
Pasmo group


Factory information

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  • 1.  Q: What about MOQ?
    A: We accept at least 1 unit for testing the machine quality first. For other products, pls kindly talk with us in detail.
    2.  Q: How long is the production time?
    A: It depends on the order quantity. Generally it would take about 7 days to finish the production. But the machine can be shipped out right away if we have the machine in stock.
    3.  Q: How to pay for the order?
    A: Our payment term normallly is 40%T/T as the deposit, and the rest 60% paid against the draft B/L. The L/C at sight, Western Union/MoneyGram and Paypal are also available here.
    4.  Q: When can I get the products? Do you offer shipping service?
    A: Shipping time is depended on the destination and the type of shipping method. For now, we offer shipping by sea, by air and by express. We can check the detailed shipping time for you with the details you shared.
    5.  Q: What is the machine warranty for me?
    A: All equipments comes with one-year warranty for non-consumable parts. We will send parts out right away if the problem resulted from machine itself.
    6.  Q: Can you make a new ice cream machine design/LOGO for me?
    A: Yes, we offer OEM&ODM service and produce the machines with the most competitive price in shortest time.
    7.  Q: How can I get parts and how much do they cost?
    A: All machine spare parts are ready in stock here. Just inform us which part you need with quantity and we will send you the cost details accordingly in detail right away. All the parts would be sent by express direclty to your address.
    8.  Q: How can I get samples?
    A: For machines, you can order 1 unit as sample directly for checking the quality. For detailed cost, pls kindly talk with me. For other related products, such as spoons, cups and so on, we offer several samples for free, but the express cost is on you.

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